In a dynamic urban evolution of 2010, Ingo Walterscheid, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, took charge of a city development project. It was during this transformative period that he crossed paths with prof. Michael Braungart, the thought leader and trailblazing co-inventor of the Cradle to Cradle principles and the visionary behind the product certification system Cradle to Cradle. prof. Michael Braungart, also the founder of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, played a pivotal role in shaping this groundbreaking journey.

 Fast forward three years of cooperation in the city development project, and prof. Michael Braungart reached out to Ingo Walterscheid, extending an invitation to join forces in advancing Cradle to Cradle development in Denmark. Enter EcoFITT – the Ecological Forum for Industry Transformation and Transaction, born in 2014 as a Danish limited company. Initially recognized as EPEA Aarhus ApS, a collaboration with EPEA GmbH, it aimed to revolutionize the landscape.

 EcoFITT, with the power of Circular Economy, are leveraging Cradle to Cradle principles. Its mission, both then and now, is to unleash the potential of Circular Economy by rallying top-tier executives and governmental officials for transformation across organizations and companies. Today, EcoFITT stands as a beacon of change, fostering a sustainable future through the principles that drive Circular Economy.

The world must alter its behavior as the global population continues to rise, with individuals that shows an ever-increasing need of natural resources. If we persist on this track, resource depletion will occur rapidly on all areas. Hence, it is imperative to develop solutions that consider this challenge. Join us in making a difference…

Ingo Walterscheid


During a city development process in 2010, for wich Ingo Walterscheid, an experienced serial entrepreneur, had the responsibility, he got in touch wit prof. Michael Braungart, the co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle principles and the product certification system as well as the founder of EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, Hamburg / Germany.

Three years later prof. Braungart asked Ingo Walterscheid to support the Cradle to Cradle development and use in Denmark EcoFITT is the acronym of Ecological Forum for Industry Transformation and Transaction. Established 2014 as a Danish limited company. At that time also known as EPEA Aarhus ApS, established in cooperation with EPEA GmbH.

The aim of EcoFITT was and still is to use the principles of Cradle to Cradle to release the power the Circular Economy by engaging top-level management and officials in governments, organizations and companies.