EcoFITT’s core competence is integrating science with industrial innovations to recreate materials, products and supply chain partnerships so they have positive impacts. Through innovation, EcoFITT works with organizations to enhance the quality and value of materials and products so they are beneficial for human health and the natural environment while improving profitability and cost effectiveness.

This helps customers achieve business and institutional goals where their employees feel proud instead of guilty about impacts. Collaborative design tools and training are applied in real life settings to enhance supply chain partnerships in the private and public sectors.

Through extensive experience, EcoFITT scientists enhance the technical and marketing strengths of partners by demonstrating that sound technical design is possible while achieving economic, social, environmental, and aesthetic objectives

The world needs to change its behavior. We are becoming more and more people on this planet – people who are using more and more. If we continue on this path, we will run out of resources quite fast. That’s why we have to create solutions that take this into account. Join us …

Ingo Walterscheid