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Copenhagen, 17 May 2018

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Today our Digital Deposit Plastic Pallet (DDPP) has arrived on the Danish Plastic Association’s event “Plastic Day” (Plastdagen). We show case the up cycling of single use plastic from households to produce the DDPP pallets, make them digital (by material and as logistics tool) to substitute wooden single use wooden pallets. Our planned production will cover equal to approx. 60% of all Danish single use plastic annually. The DDPP is recycled and “refreshed” with “new” recycled material. To control the quality we use a marker to mark the age of every cycle. All the material the DDPP is made of can be traced back to the owner. We will use this production to secure the transition from linear to a circular production where material will be known by grade and even by ownership. To all industry leaders: please join ... we start now with our partners to produce up to 3.5 million of those DDPP pallets.

EcoFITT CEO is named speaker at the UN Asia Forum 2018 in Manila

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I'm very delighted to be invited by the United Nations UNDP and four other UN organization as a speaker and roundtable host at the Asia Forum 2018 in Manila, Philippines 13 - 15 June 2018. I am asked to speak about "The future of packaging in the health sector: Good practices and common challenges of eco-innovative packaging". I think we will have a great time also at the roundtable discussing "Cradle to Cradle: Health Sector Applications" and how we can contribute to the UN SDG's. Please be welcome to join us in Manila.

The Digtal Deposit Plastic Pallet® (DDPP®)

- a real circular solution extending material life and valUE


- Turns cleaned and mixed plastic from FMCG into valuable digital logistics tools
- Will be recycled after X use cycles to become ”new” DDPP’s
- Plastic is marked to track and trace both the material and the DDPP
- Saves up to 50% weight, volume and cost compared to single use wood pallets.  




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Please downloade our  >> DDPP concept flyer here >>


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